Projects that Need Pipefitters

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As technological advances march society onward, infrastructure needs to keep pace. In turn, industrial growth and development relies on welding, plumbing and instalación de tuberías to make that happen — to almost literally glue our society together. In modern society, we have developed a myriad of uses for pipes and pipe systems, which we now need to run everything from nuclear power plants to breweries. The more we build, whether that new construction is homes, office buildings, schools, or factories, the more people we will need to assemble and maintain these systems. Increased regulations regarding water and resource efficiency will also spur on demand as older systems will need to be newly designed and upgraded.

General Areas for Pipefitting

Most homes and buildings rely on some form of piping system, even if it is as seemingly simple as a plumbing or sprinkler system. Any business that is involved in product manufacturing will need even more enhanced systems to keep their machinery running and move items down the assembly line. Companies involved in power generation will need high pressure systems to run fans and turbines. Municipal organizations need to maintain underground pipes for firefighting systems, sewer systems for the transportation of water and waste, etc. Larger buildings with boiler rooms need to hire personnel to maintain that equipment. There are many aspects of life in modern cities that require the steady work of filtros para tubería to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that new construction is properly outfitted.

Specific Locations and Systems for Pipefitters

Si estás considerando formación en montaje de tuberías but are having trouble picturing exactly what you will be doing in the future, here are some examples of companies that employ pipefitters and systems that rely on their skills:

  • Plantas químicas
  • Fire hydrant pumping systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and installation/servicing companies
  • Hospitales e instalaciones sanitarias
  • Manufacturing and fabrication plants: automobiles, motor vehicles, glass, semiconductors, etc.
  • Mechanical construction firms
  • Metal fabricating companies
  • Refinerías de petroleo
  • Compañías farmacéuticas
  • Fábricas de pulpa y papel
  • Primary steel producers
  • Residential building developers
  • Shipyards and ship repair facilities
  • Utility services: gas plants, coal-burning power plants, nuclear power plants, electricity plants, etc.